A New Adventure

After making a dumb mistake last time out I was hesitant with my landings especially in the tail-dragger version N130WA. Take offs are tricky as you can't see over the cowling until you get up to speed and the tail wheel lifts off and when you land and slow down the opposite happens. I left Half Moon Bay (KHAF) CA which is just a few miles south of San Francisco and made the expected flyby of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island before climbing to 3000' and heading east towards Yosemite. I got as far as Atwater CA (KMER) which is only 26nm from the Mariposa airport and the entrance to the park. Because I'm using the Jeppeson weather whichs updates every 15 minutes I'm hoping for a nice day whenever I get time to make the trip, this week is going to be hectic with 2 more FWA registrations and the NHL AGM plus a game Monday and party at the Vic Inn on Friday. I spent 3+ hours this afternoon getting all of the bingo transactions into MS Accounting and still haven't finished. Getting back into the 'office' will be a relief.

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