The AGM went as feared, 6 coaches, Cindy and myself. It turned out to be more of a coaches meeting than an AGM. The Atom Knights coaches want to see the 'all stars' put together earlier and picked by tryout. To devote more time and $ to the selected few is not what we're about. I'll admit that getting the first tournament win back in AJ's day was a goal, not just for him but for the league, we needed to get put on the map. They did that and more. We lose too many kids to AA now to be competitive with teams that are together all season. Tryouts are not going to happen for 8 and 9 year olds. coaches just won't take responsibility for the kids that are cut.
Some coaches complained about the 'rec' attitude of the parents. Our parents may not be perfect in the coaches eyes but they are calm and positive, maybe to a fault. More devoted parents are also more interested in winning not whether the kids are having fun or loving the game.
One more shot at getting help at the banquet and then maybe just face the facts and get used to it, people do not want to get involved in running the league.

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