Can I Embarass Myself Into Dieting?

Since I know there are a few people reading this occasionally I'm going to try and embarass myself into losing some weight. Starting Monday the 7th I will be posting what I consume and what I do to try and lose some weight. I'm not going to post my weight but just a big X.
X will be the starting point and hopefully it will soon be X-??lbs..


bwkre said...

The biggest step is starting. Good Luck. Wendy and Brian

Nina said...

It's hard to start, I literally cried
for the first two weeks! I never told
anyone my starting weight either, Now
at 56 pounds with 14 more to go!
Don't call it a diet, just consider it a big change in eating habits!
I need a walking buddy, let me know!
Here to support you anyway I can.
Love Nina!

Ron Kresack said...

thanks for the support everybody

Brandyn said...

Good luck. If you need a dog to walk, you know where to find one. :)