Grand Marais

We decided to spend the day in the states so we gassed up the truck and headed south. The weather was less than perfect but we're not into sun tanning so it wasn't a big deterrent. We had brunch at the Blue Water and then browsed the shops, went out to Artists Point, up the highway to the closest wayside rest for some wandering on the beach, a few more shops (including both grocery stores) and then to the Angry Trout for an early supper. We headed for the casino where it took longer to park than Sal took to donate her $5. We arrived home and tried to watch a movie but between baseball phone calls, panicking hockey bingo managers, some family issues and Mike's post of plans to go to Cuba, the movie was only a temporary distraction. I guess it will all sort itself out but what was to be a relaxing day ended up being very nerve racking.

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