Mechanic for Hire/At Least We Can Sleep

Brandyn was fixin' his bike with a plastic stick yesterday so we decided it was time to get him some tools. Seems Auntie Mel needed his services out in Calgary but he was nowhere to be found so she had to take her car to somebody who charged a small fortune for the work.
We were watching Nanny's favourite game show 'Deal or No Deal' late Saturday night and the contestant's husband was in Falujah Iraq with the US Marines. His mom and dad were in the audience and they linked via satellite so the husband could help play the game. His mom and dad were in tears almost the whole time. It made me think that the worries we have for Mike are nothing in comparison. How could you possibly go to sleep every night with a loved one in harms way? Somehow Calgary and the middle east just don't compare.

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