I hope that not getting the daily blog is not a sign of weakening. I have stayed true to the cause this week but have had few chances to get it in here. I took Brandyn to McD's last night and even though it smelled great I didn't chance it. I had a salad and believe me Wendy's has nothing to worry about in that department, it was ok but nothing compared to the salads Wendy's offers. Brandyn ate just about nothing as he was ready for a good nap. I guess I'm on my own from here, thanks for all the support and helpful comments.
Dr. Hartford gave me a clean bill of health after my yearly checkup in May this morning. One extra blood test and wouldn't you know it the lab tech is a hockey mom I don't see eye to eye with. She couldn't find a vein so she asked another to help out. The other one has a son living in the East End with a sister and wonders why Little League won't allow him to play All Stars. Maybe try the jugular, that's where you really want to go isn't it girls?
I took off today so I could get some things done. Walked over to the Spence Clinic for my appointment then started to clear the clutter from the house. I'm going to have a yard sale in the morning and then cart away anything that doesn't sell to the dump. Having Brandyn here has got the backyard nicely tuned up, I want him to have somewhere to play. He really likes the green sandbox and helping with things outside.

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