Another Finally...Monday Morning Weigh-In X-50

Despite being couped up in the press box behind home plate at Charry Park for 3 days with nothing but burgers and sausages tempting me, I made it this week. With the 24 days left to my 50th I'm shooting for another 10. I have the 'ride' to camp and Conquer the Dog in there so I'll have to stay on the bike a fair bit. Thanks for all the support, it really helps. It does not feel like a diet any more, as Nina said I'm just eating healthier.


Jen said...

Way to go Dad! You're doing awesome we're all proud of you.

bwkre said...

Congratulations. You're looking great

Joan said...

Fantastic Ron - you look wonderful. Golfing was super and it was great to see the boys! Boy can they hammer that ball!