Made It

A week ago I was was thoroughly disappointed when a 25¢ piece of plastic on my helmet kept me from the ride. This week the bike was in getting fixed and I never got in any extra rides so my confidence was a bit shaky. But after almost 3 hours I was sitting on the side of the Sturgeon Bay Road having some water. The ride seemed to go so fast while on Hwy 61 but the hills on the gravel road were a b*t*h. I ended up walking partway up 2 of them. I was chased by dogs, spooked a horse and rider and somehow my support crew was m.i.a. but all in all it was everything I had hoped. It felt very good to crest the last hill and know that another 100 feet and I was home free. 32.9 miles according to Google Maps.


Jen said...

Way to go, Dad! That's awesome! I hope you're pretty darn proud of yourself.

Nina said...

I think we may have a Tour Da Ron
on our hands!

Way to go ron!

Heard someone wouldn't give you a rub down last night!

Keep going!!!