Never Say Never

I bought something I never thought I'd wear today, lycra biking shorts. They feel very strange until your butt hits the saddle. I was looking at more comfortable saddles and Farzum suggested trying shorts first. So I bit the bullet and tried on a couple pair, man did they feel weird! I know what a sausage feels like from the inside. Once the butt gets on the bike everything that feels weird is secondary as the padding makes things much more comfy and keeps you in one place. I took a ride to Boulevard Lake and met Sal for a lap around the lake and then rode home. Felt pretty good, sort of like wearing a glove when you golf, it just seems to feel right.

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Mike & Mel said...

Hmmmm...seems to me that I have been wearing this sort of thing for a few years now and everyone has made fun of me...things have changed haven't they?!?