Making Up for a Bad Week

I took to the roads on Sunday as all Northwood teams are drafted, the season is scheduled and this would probably be my last free day where I can take a long ride for a while. I headed north on Memorial and then up High to River, swung back south as it turns into Junot and finally Edward. I made a turn onto James and pushed out to Chippewa Park. It was pretty cool in shorts and riding in the shade was almost cold. I put in about 24 miles to boost my weekly mileage back to just over 65. Soon enough I'll be working on a new bike project instead or riding. I'm going to turn the old CCM into a singlespeed commuter so B'Ridge can stay out of the rain and get the damn ugly lights off her. If the CCM gets stolen I might be out a few bucks. Singlespeeds are getting more and more popular as they give a better workout (no gears/shifters to make pedalling easier) and much less maintenance. Some guys even go for fixed gear (no coasting) like they use in the Olympic track events but I think that would be a great way to become roadkill around Tbay. So far I have the front shifter removed but the crank won't come off so I'll be looking for a puller of some sort to aid in dismantling. I'll put some pictures up as things progress.

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