No Grasshoppers This Time

Cecelia and I hit the trails at the tree farm today. Ethel (and you thought the 'e' in ebike meant exercise) and I are not speaking as she is doing unspeakably painful things to my butt lately. Since I upped my daily ride to 12km my butt has been very uncomfortable, so with the cooperation of the weather I headed out to the golf course via the bike paths on Saturday and loaded her onto the car rack for a run out to the 25th Side Road today. I rode until dark tonight, got nipped 3x by a large black poodle named 'Angus' but could not have had more fun in an hour. The city keeps the bike paths plowed quite nicely and the MNR pushes the white stuff off of the narrow roads among the young forest. It sure beats watching dvd's and going nowhere fast.
I'm hoping that not missing any workouts, not even Christmas day, will make tomorrow's weigh-in a respectable one.

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