Project Eyowen

A few weeks ago I was in a customer's shop and noticed a Giant Acapulco bike off in the corner. I asked about it and the owner told me to haul it away if I wanted it. I stripped down the frame and used the handle bars and stem on CeCelia, along with the new brakes I imported but the new setup only saw about a half dozen rides before the snow hit. I decided to give the Giant frame some fresh paint and then switch the singlespeed setup from CeCelia over and create a new bike to be named Eyowen (Ay-o-when), you'll have to guess the source of the name. I'm torn between my fav colour orange and a nice classic tan for the job. Once I get into a paint store I'll decide. The frame is in at FCD where it will be shot blasted, primed, painted and then clear coated. I'll have some pix up as Project Eyowen progresses.

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