Riding With Some Old Friends

Last night I found myself watching youtube clips of Rush in concert. I looked for the dvd today but didn't find it. I did find one of Yes in concert so I thought I'd give that a try, the next 6 discs of '24' are rented out for a week.
Since I missed the treadmill this morning I decided to go a bit further on the ebike and threw on the Yes disc. It was recorded in '04 so the band is pretty old looking but they still sound tight. They were labelled progressive rock and their music can be anywhere on the map from heavy to classical, their musicianship is second to none and their songs are very intricate. I always wondered how long they would have to rehearse to be able to go from full speed ahead to a full stop, start and do it all again in a live setting. They pull it off very well. The ride went quickly even considering the extra 5km.

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