Unless I Win Some Big Cash...

Unless I come across some big cash I've decided to stick with Bridget for the ConquerCancer ride. I had a talk with Farsum this afternoon regarding high pressure tires. They can be used and will improve the way the bike rolls quite a bit. The knobby Kendas Koyotes on her now have a maximum pressure of 60psi and the tread makes them slow on pavement, but Schwalbe makes a tire in the right size that can take 100psi with more of a smooth tread that will roll nicely on pavement. I have a set of Panracer Cross Town tires for Eyowen that will hold 75psi with a smooth tread design so she'll best the test rig for tires. I ordered in the Ergon grips (pictured) with built in extensions which are supposed to be the cat's pjs for hand comfort and eliminating numbness. Now I just need a saddle that is a bit more comfy, either a Specialized Body Geometry or Brooks leather B17 but I have a lot more reading to do in that area.

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