Why is this man smiling?

He had a free day and decided to ride his faithful steed in the cold and snow.

I wanted to go out to the tree farm but the temp was -17 and windchill of -27 so I said heck I'll just ride to the video store and return some movies. An hour and a half later I came home after a great ride. My toes were just starting to get cold as the sun hit the horizon. I got a bit aggressive with the new front brakes and kissed the pavement for the first time all year leaving a few inches of skin on the right pedal, and then parked myself in a snow bank but in the cold nothing hurts for long. As Eyowen emerges Cecelia will be retired and I thought one more ride would be a great way to retire her. Who knows maybe if the weather stays like this she'll get out again. I loved every minute of it, now that I'm warmed up it hurts like hell but its a small price to pay for 90 minutes of fun.


Joan said...

Hey Ron - Way to go! I'll bet Cecelia was happy and she gave you something to remember "'til you meet again"!!!

Hope the weather gets a bit warmer for you both!



Ron Kresack said...

I thought she was happy until she tossed me onto the road. Maybe she likes the warm basement or is jealous of Eyowen?