Slow But Steady

When the NHL wrapped up at 3pm I was already packed and ready to go, wearing my cycling shorts under track pants did feel sort of strange for 3 hours but... my butt thanked me later. I had already put in about 30 minutes before heading to the Gardens and at the end of 2 hours more riding I had put in 18.5 miles. I took a few tools with me so that I could tinker with the new bar setup, and that was a good thing as I had the angles all wrong and my wrists were sore. Once I changed things everything was as advertised, no numbness in the hands at all. I went to Mission Marsh, saw my 3 deer for the day and then wound through to Central Ave. and home. Being on the pavement was great but sidewalks are covered in wet sand which sticks to the frame and makes things a bit messy. Still better than sitting on Ethel and going nowhere.

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