Molly's First Outing

I gathered up some courage, pumped up the tires and adjusted the seat and took Molly on her first ride this afternoon. The feel is very different and since I haven't been on a road bike in 30'something years I was a bit leary but got used to it pretty quickly. Narrow handlebars are the most noticeable difference and the handling is a bit twitchy but not as bad as I imagined. I was afraid to get up out of the saddle, the brakes aren't great so I didn't want to let her go down the bridges. The 8 miles to Mission Marsh and back went by quickly and if the roads were a bit drier and there was no meeting to attend I would have gone a lot longer.
Hockey was a bit tense this weekend as our playoffs got rolling. Our 6th place team is tied for the lead after 2 games of the 5 game round robin. It was a tough day for a couple of the goalies as one muffed an icing an ended up with the puck in the net and another tried sweeping it behind his net and put it dead on the post. I'm going to offer some bungie cords to keep them tied into their nets next week. And then there was the scuffle in the hallway after the game, what fun!

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