What's New

I got a few things done today, bingo reports were number one of the todo list for far too long but they are all caught up. I picked up a few tools and managed to learn how to fix a chain, installed the clipless pedals on Bridget and lock-on grips on Eyowen's handlebars.
I'm going to the 'bikes for humanity' session tomorrow night. I decided to give that a try to help out and hone my skills a bit. They are currently loading a container for shipment to Africa.
AJ and I did supper tonight, just bs'ed about the Super Bowl and other things. I guess Ginko is coming for a sleepover on Friday so the weekend is looking good, and the weather is supposed to be warm so maybe we'll get out for a ride.
So far I'm keeping close to my required 10 miles a day for the month, I'm short 2 miles but have 10 to play with.

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