Winding Down

Another long hockey season is winding down. One more weekend in the regular season and then playoffs and we'll be done March 2nd. I had to do a little bit of tweaking in the schedule, Easter snuck in early and with the kids March Break would have meant a 3 week layoff to go back for one or two games to finish everything.
After 22 games played for all 6 teams, 12 points separates 1st from 6th. Just over 22% of our games have ended in ties. Not letting the coaches draft the teams has been one of the better ideas I've had, some of them just don't do well and the kids end up paying for it all season. This season we ranked them with a couple of drills and then as they scrimaged we ranked them again and then I put it all in a spreadsheet, got the brothers and sisters, cousins, 'need a rides', and best friends colour coded and put on teams. The rankings were totalled for each line and also by team so everything is balanced mathematically. The screen ends up looking like a peacock exploded but the effort has paid off and not one coach has complained about his team all season and parents love it. In our first 15 games there was only a total 15 goal difference between the winners and the losers. That same weekend the Lakehead Minor IP2 season opened (7-8 year olds) and one of the first games posted was a 15-0 blowout. Those games don't work for anybody.

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