I Love to Travel...

but not like this! 7 hours split between airplanes and the Calgary airport waiting for an airplane, not my idea of a fun day. On Monday the hotel I'm at emailed me welcoming me and asking if there was anything they could do, I replied asking about the availability of a shuttle to the airport which looks close on the map but really isn't. No answer as of 10am this morning. The buying group I'm here as a member of called on Tuesday to confirm and I asked them the same question, again no response. So after 7 hours of sitting on my butt (and I thought it got sore on a bike saddle) I was not going to search around, grabbed a cab and headed off. 45 minutes and $58 later we pulled into the parking lot here at the 'what can we do to make your stay more enjoyable' inn & suites, right behind the, badumpbump tshhh, airport shuttle. How about answering the email that you started.
The young lady at the front desk answered quickly, why yes we do. Then she informed me my room was taken care of as if that was going to help explain to my rather thrifty employer why I had to charge $70 on the company visa (I wasn't going to stiff the cabbie, Mohamed, we have enough issues with our middle-eastern friends). The room was taken care of before I got on the plane, but thanks anyway.
Sitting in the Calgary lounge, and as we approached I got a glimpse of the Rockies in the distance. The long day and still soreness of my butt will all be worth it if I can get just a little bit closer, are you getting this Mike? Stay tuned this can only get better. God I hope so.

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