Last Cold One?

Friday...I made it, rode to work and back 4 times daily except for Wednesday AM (only 2x) when I had to go for a hearing test. I took one 10 mile ride on Thursday after work but today every other day was just too cold to be messing around. The wind chill this morning was -34 and I'm heading right into it at 10 mph, with my eyes watering after my glasses fogged out. Altogether 60 miles in March to date. The good news is it can only get warmer.
I stopped in to see Farzam after the video store and was looking for a wrench. Instead he pulled apart the front hub on Cecelia and found an extra bearing, my error. I had 2 wheels apart at the same time and was being so careful not to miss any that I put in an extra. The front wheel is in rough shape but still rolls.
After the first 2 paragraphs I had some pasta and watched 'Michael Clayton', well worth the 2 hours spent. If you get a chance to see it, don't leave for a bathroom break or to get some popcorn, the plot is all over the place for the first hour but comes together for a great finish.

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