Another Week

I made my mileage goal for April by Sunday but my weight slid back up to 239. For May I'm going back to the hardcore and will blog it all, mileage, workouts and input for the month. May will mark the 1 year anniversary of the start of my better eating and I think it's time to go back to what worked the best.
The race with Black Sheep on Sunday was fun but the rules were a bit hazy. I'm not sure who I was even racing or where I finished but I finished. I need to work a bit harder on going fast as I have no trouble pedalling for long periods but need to build up more resistance to huffing and puffing. The hills were tough and the cold weather had me sniffling for the entire event. The new Underarmour pants were very warm and will be a welcome addition at least until the weather gets warm enough for shorts. Bridget worked pretty well until the chain started clattering on the front derailleur when I went down to the middle ring. Annoying but easily adjusted if I hadn't been trying to climb a hill at the time.
I guess my evil plan is working for the Canadiens. I admit I'm pulling for them and they collapse. Just kidding, there was no ulterior motive in the admission.
Here's a very handy trick for Google searches. If you want to limit your search to anything posted in a time period just do the following. Execute a search, then go to the address and add: &as_qdr=d, then hit enter and you will see the results are all from post in the last 24 hours and a drop down will be added to the top of the page where you can change the time parameter of the search. If you want to make the search for the last 7 days you can also make the line read =7d or 7w for 7 weeks or 7y for 7 years. Save the results of a 24 hour search as a favourite and go back daily to look for new posts about your topic.

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