Bad Day

It started when I took a bag of trail mix to work. The damn thing was calling to me all morning, I had a few hand fulls and thought nothing of it. After lunch, same voice, same result. Later last night Sal went to bed early and I started munching, strawberries, popcorn, then more trail mix and a cupcake Brandyn made. Add in a grape pop and I felt horrible after heading to bed.
Today it was a handful of grapes for breakfast, coffee, some cheese and crackers at lunch and a normal supper. I took Cecelia this morning just to add some punishment, 1 gear in the wind today was a good workout. I just came back from a 10 mile ride in Westfort in shorts which felt really nice for a change. Now I just have to stay away from the kitchen for a few hours. Just like any addiction I guess, you can fall off the wagon pretty easily, I think I landed right under the damn thing last night.

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Nina said...

Hey Ron,

Relax about falling off the wagon, you have been doing this so hard for the past year, you deserve a break
I fell off the wagon in october and have gotten 1 leg up hahahahah, but all is good, summer is coming and I will start again.