Haven't Picked the Bike, But I Have Her Named

Jillian. She'll be making the trip to Toronto for the Conquer Cancer, whatever she ends up being, that will be her name. Jill Homer writes a blog that I have been following about her life and riding in Alaska and most recently her 350 mile bike ride in the Iditarod for Bikes. (daily posts appear at the bottom of this page). I printed out her story of the Iditarod ride and read it on the plane to Calgary. You'd never know it to look at her but she is one tough cookie. I think about her when the ride to work in the morning gets cold, and then it just doesn't seem so bad. I've been mulling a name over for a week or so but after reading her latest post it came to me, Jillian.
I hope to have time to test ride the Lapierre tomorrow. I rode Cecelia to work today because she's still covered in rode slime and she looked so sad just sitting there every time I brought Bridget into the house. I have to clean her up, she took so much abuse during the winter/early spring, I guess I owe it to her. Can a bike look sad?
This is a picture of Bridget after running it through some process filters in Gimp, she definitely doesn't look sad.

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