The Heck with X...Monday Morning Weigh-In 239

After announcing that I was 325lb. in front of more than 100 people last night I guess the X- days are over. If you check the total to the right you can see that the Cooking Demo was a huge hit and my goal of $5000 has been surpassed. A BIG thank you to everyone out there that was involved.
The weather sure turned ugly, I had to coax Cecelia out this morning. She looked at me like "sure now you want to take me out, when its snaining and sloppy." Snaining is a word from Jill Homer's blog to describe wet snow/rain and it works pretty well. Some of those damn snain drops sting pretty good. Sal came and picked me up at 5 as she was heading past and felt sorry for Cecelia I think. I managed to get in 110 miles in the first week of April so I'm on target for 400, now if Mother Nature could just remember what season this is.
It sure is strange to have company for supper, good to have you home for a few days a week.

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