Northwood Banquet

Another season has ended with the banquet yesterday. My timing was off a bit as the awards went too fast and the kids had 20 minutes to get wound up while waiting for the food to be put out, but other than that it went well. The coaches had organized some fund raising for the ride and at the end of the evening I had another $450 to add to the cause. We put out a survey and most of the results look pretty positive after a first run through, though someone definitely did not like the perogies.
I had it in mind all day as I was running around getting things ready, to announce that next year would be my last, but when the time came I couldn't do it, not sure why. This season was an easy one. I'm going to have to get more help for next year and learn to accept the help that comes along even if it means things will be more difficult in the short term. Otherwise I'll never get away from it, maybe I don't really want to, I'm just not sure anymore.

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