A Day of Learning

Sunday was to be my 2nd cross country race but with the weather I decided to skip it as I haven't done enough off road riding and didn't want to start with a race in the mud. What I don't need this close to the Ride is to break an arm or something.
I went over to Petries and spent 4 hours helping Farzum put together a $10,000 15.9 lb. carbon road bike. By 'help' I mean I put a temporary tire and tube on the front rim and held the bike occasionally while he worked his magic. He guided me through straitening a rim and re-tensioning the spokes on a customer's wheel. I tried to soak up as much as I could and look forward to more lessons and hopefully to actually helping around the shop a bit in the future. He wants me to try my hand at building a wheel for Eyowen some day when we both have the time.
Later in the day the sun struggled out of the clouds and Jill and I headed over to Mission Marsh. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw a friend who is a mechanic that has been off work tending to a shoulder injury and fighting Workmen's comp and the medical maze for 6 months. He was sitting there in his truck with his camera just to get out of the house for a bit and looked pretty down. I pulled up beside his jeep and thought he might need a good laugh so I forgot I was on Jill and clipped in, fell over onto the grass and then back into the ditch. Another lesson learned.

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