Waiting for My Second Wind

The Conquer Cancer admin people sent out a 5 page package via email yesterday. Rules of the road, how to hydrate, where to meet, what to bring and so on. I was awake at 5am worrying this morning. Not a great time to have a lapse in confidence with 6 weeks to go but there it was. I thought once I hit the bike this morning the funk would pass but so far I still feel out of it. A million thoughts went through my head this morning. I could have done more to raise money, why haven't people that said they would not made donations, Sal alone in Toronto, knowing Mike is not happy with us, wondering how Jen and Ginko are really doing, what is AJ doing or planning, am I in over my head with the Ride, how can I get out of hockey and not see Northwood fold, money, how long can fcd hang on, and on and on. Finally I just got up and got going.
Hopefully this is like a long ride and if I just keep plugging away I'll find my second wind and things will smooth out.

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