What A Day

Molly: 2 miles
Jill:30 miles
month to date:124 miles
I had planned a long ride today but there were so many washouts I wasn't sure where I could go without facing a dead end and as it turns out it was for the better. Three great things happenend on this blustery Saturday. Sal and I went out to do recycling and a few errands and decided to swing by the house and grab shorts. I grabbed my khakis which at this time last year had never gotten on, the button and button hole couldn't see each other around me, never mind button up. Today they were a sneeze from being around my ankles with a belt on. So she suggested picking up a new pair. We hit Mark's and I grabbed a few pair to try on, nothing in the 50's anymore (my last pre diet jeans were a 54 waist). I decided vainly to give the 40's a try, they were loose. I grabbed a pair of 38's and got them on, comfortably. Yes...
Then we had a short but nice visit with Susan's parent the Sinfields. Bill was always my hero on the golf course back when we used to play every Saturday. He could hit the ball a mile and some days every putt found the cup. He was always very patient with a beginner like myself. It was just great to spend a half hour with them.
Sal headed for work and I took Molly out of the truck and rode home, messed around a bit and read. I decided to take Jill out for a 20 mile ride which turned into a 30 mile ride as Mapleward was washed out between John and Oliver. I stopped in to see the Richards on 20th Sideroad for a refill of my water bottle and had a nice talk with them. They saw me go by once before and invited me to stop in if I got out that way again, they have2 sons in Northwood and started the fundraising effort there for the Ride. When I got home and got Jill tucked in I hit the shower and just before I stepped in I stepped on the scale hoping to see something less than 230 and there it was 225. I stepped off and then realized, hey thats x-100. I know it won't last. I'll probably gain back some while typing this post but it was there if even for just a minute. And it will be there again.

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