by watching a few hours of the tour de France I headed out with Jill at 6:00 with thoughts of about 20 miles in a couple hours. Plenty of time to be home and have supper with Sal. Well 35 miles and 2 1/2 hours later with a b***h of a wind that I couldn't shake, I got home.
People have asked why I have or need so many bikes. At this point I have 4 and they all have their own feel. When I get tired of one I just switch and it feels like a whole new bike. Bridget loves to be bounced around, run over curbs, rocks, ruts or squirrels. Nothing can move us off of our desired path. I love to push her hard and often get up out of the saddle to get her going. Jill is more delicate and because of her skinny wheels we have to avoid potholes and other rough spots. She's great for a steady pace over long distances. Molly is my go-to bike, skinny wheels, single speed and fun to just grab and go. Cecelia, well poor Cecelia doesn't see much sunshine but I can always count on her when the weather gets ugly. She'll be giving up most of her parts for an new singlespeed soon, if I ever get around to finishing the paint job. I can't wait to take the new girl out to Shuniah Mines for some offroad fun.
I found another event to work towards, the 24 hours of Kamview. It's a relay where each team has to have a rider on the course for 24 hours. Sounds like fun.
July miles:96
07-05, Jill:35
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