Relaxed Sunday

No riding today as we took a drive to Grand Marais and then back to Mom and Dad's for a birthday supper. I can't believe Dad is going to be 70, sure doesn't look it. It was sort of different to have supper without all of the kids and grandkids. Everyone was a bit more relaxed, especially Mom.
Before taking Molly over to watch some Little League last night I switched the HBar from Cecelia and flipped it upside down. It gives her another different feel, very racy as a few people commented. It is a great bar for hand positions as there are so many to try and is perfect for singlespeeding. I pushed her all the way into a strong headwind to get there and really enjoyed the tailwind on the way home. Now just add some tape and I think I'll finally be happy with her feel.

July miles:210
07-11, Cecelia:10 miles
07-11, Molly:10 miles

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