Back In Time

Sal and I spent the better part of Sunday at the Wicklund's camp. I can't remember the last time we were out there but it has to be approaching something like 15 years. Everything seemed to have gotten smaller than I remember. Kevin's twin sisters and their families were out in full force, more natural blondes in one space than the marketing gurus at Loreal would have you believe possible. The 5 kids are all 5 and under so it was entertaining just watching them all day.
Jill came along and we went for an hour long ride up and down the hills around the lake, no flat sections there, either going up or down. When I got back jumping in the cool water felt so good. Just before supper Kev and I hit the sauna and jumping in the second and third times felt just as good. It's so great to not be ashamed to take off my shirt in company and be able to enjoy simple things like running off the end of a dock into a lake.
Sal made a pineapple-carrot cake for Susan as today is her birthday, the kids went wild for the cream cheese icing, especially Ryan (seen licking the top of the container). It was a very relaxing day, just sitting watching the kids and listening to some old tunes on Sirius (until the battery on the truck went dead (nobody had booster cables...hello Onstar).

August miles:45
08-03, Jill:10 miles

Ryan enjoys icing

Miss Gretzky (Greta)
Uncle Kevin and Chloe
Sal and Susan

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