Cecelia and the Weatherman Laugh Last

No rain since June, well we can fix that. It's one thing to get a spot on forecast for rain and be prepared, its another to get the all clear for the long weekend. All clear except for the brief monsoon that starts at 4:50 Friday afternoon. Somehow the forecast and the radar (5:10pm) tell 2 stories. I waited out the worst of the rain but the streets were soaked as Bridget and I made our way home. I'm sure I could hear Cecelia laughing somewhere. Bridget's new tires throw rivers of water at anything over 8mph and slowing down just means we're in the rain longer. Once I was was wet it was 'Singing in the rain' time and who really cares, been wet before and I'll be wet again.
Since it looks like summer might be coming to an end I'm going to talk real nice to Cecelia and fix up her brakes and front wheel, she'll be making more rides soon.
August miles:519 miles
08-29, Bridget:7 miles
08-28, Cecelia:12 miles

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