My My, The Girls Are Fighting Over Me

Since I had an extra set of bars loose in the basement I decided to change the stem (31mm to 25.4mm) on Bridget and put on the Marys. Farzam found me one for $20 so the change cost very little but made a huge difference in the feel. It took a bit of fiddling and testing to get the right setup but my hands are very comfy now. I spent a bit of time watching YouTube videos to learn the tricks of tuning my derailleurs and I think I have Bridget set for Conquer the Dog next weekend. As long as the high gears are working she'll be fine, I don't plan to spend much time grinding along with granny.
At Conquer the Dog last year we were looking at a bike and the name Judy was on the front shock/fork of one of the bikes and I think Sal asked why. I ignorantly said "its probably the owner's name" and Tom Petrie let us know that it was the name of the fork. Bike components often have model names such as 'Judy' or 'Mary'. I got him back recently when he asked why Molly had the name Mary on the handlebars. "It's the name of the bar" I quickly told him, adding we were even. So the Mary bars are now on Bridget, just to keep the players all straight.
Now that Bridget feels so good I can't decide who gets to ride every day now. They are all crying for attention when I go down to pick out the 'velo du jour'. Catchy phrase, I might just do something with that.
I just found another useful Google tool, translations. Pick your language and the one you want to convert to, type in the words to be translated and voila.

August Miles:125 miles
08-08, Bridget:16 miles
08-07, Bridget:16 miles
08-06, Molly:16 miles
08-05, Molly:32 miles

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