Eyowen Lives

I was up at 7, had a quick breakfast and did my push-ups. I wanted to give myself enough time to walk to work in case I had any problems on the first ride. No big problems and she felt pretty good. Very quiet due to the lack of gears and extras. The bottom bracket bearing came slightly loose so I retightened it once I got to the shop. Sal and I went for dim sum and a few errands, she went off to work and I headed to Petrie's for inspection. Everything passed Farzam's lookover except the bearing again. I picked up a couple of the new style sealed units and borrowed a tool. After checking things at the Gardens I headed home to tear her apart and install the new bearings. The installation went well and the difference was very noticeable in the smoothness of the new bearings. I returned the unused bearing and the tool, slipped in to the Gardens and then came home.

I found a fun website last night, pedalmafia. It's a Japanese company that sells parts to make scale models of bikes. The fun part is designing them in the flash program they have running. My Japanese is not quite what it used to be so I'm not positive but I think they make the parts you design in and kit it for your assembly.  Similar to the lego factory design website where you can download a small program, design something in the thousands of available blocks and then have them ship you the parts to re-create your design. The pic below is as close as I could get to Eyowen since I don't have a real picture yet. Can you tell I'm having fun with this site?

November 234 miles
Eyowen:7 miles
Ethel:3 miles
70 push-ups
70 sit-ups

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