And Now She Waits

Eyowen was rushed into being a few months back when Cecelia bit the dust but I've slowly been finishing up all the loose ends. From her humble start as a piece of discarded junk left in the corner of a garage to today the fininshed product, she's come a long way. All that remains of the original is the frame which is now a bright orange. She has a few pieces borrowed from her sisters but I've assembled every part with just a bit of advice. She's had 3 sets of handle bars and 2 sets of tires since November but I finally decided to go back to the original plan, a single speed mountain bike. Here she is along with a shot of the Vado mounted on the bar. Now we both just have to wait for some decent weather.

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Anonymous said...

ok so i saw that your using the gift we bought you for xmas, which is awesome, i was joking to sally that i am waiting for you to make a helmet cam for it next...then i was thinking...your gonna come up with that aren't you...glad it is going to come in handy on your rides..