The Second Revelation

For the first few months of enjoying your new pastime you snicker whenever you pass a cyclist wearing one of those ridiculous helmets. The well aged ball cap with the logo of your favourite NFL team displayed proudly on the front feels just great as you pedal up and down the sidewalks and bike paths. Occasionally you stop in to see the guru at the local bike shop, just to say hello, maybe get things tightened up. If you are still in lady luck's good books, your second revelation will come during one of these visits. Someone will show you a picture or maybe even the real deal, a broken helmet. It will have a four inch crack up one side that you can stick your thumb into easily. Someone will say “yep, saved his life”. You imagine what a skull would look like if it suffered the impact that creased the helmet, and then pull out your wallet. I'll take mine in orange please. 

If you somehow upset the lady, you are either reading this with wings on your shoulders, horns on your cracked skull or a relative is reading it to you as you drool all over yourself. 

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