School Day

While the kids were on a pd day I went to school. Bike Assembly 101 as they call it at Petrie's. I met Farzam at 8 and got into the first box right away, a Commencal 'Normal' mountain bike. He did most of the assembly, I listened and watched. Number two was another Commencal, the Combi-Disc. I did most of the work on this one as Farzam was busy with skate sharpening. When it came to the disc brakes I stood back and took it all in again, I hope. The third was another Normal and I did about 90% of that one and called it a day. Sal came by with cinamon buns that were a big hit.
I was very surprised that what comes out of the box doesn't just get slapped together, not at Petrie's anyway. The allen headed bolts holding most components are removed, greased and torqued. Wheels are trued off the bike and bearing hubs are checked for play and over tightening. Brakes and deraileurs have to be fine tuned. In the case of the second bike the chain had to be shortened. In all they spend a good hour or more on the stand being set up. Getting the wheels straight and bearings are the most challenging for me. The truing stand depends on hearing the wheel rubbing on an indicator and with my suspect ears, skate sharpening about 12 feet away and the off and on of the gas heater it takes a great deal of patience. Getting the bearing right is all feel. Not too tight, not too loose. All in all I had a great day.

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