Somebody's Messin' With My Scale?

Yes, I walked to work every day and pedalled 400km in January. Yes I stayed away from snacks some of the time. When I got on the scale this morning I was still expecting either no progress or a gain, especially after Super Bowl Sunday. I ate a few no-nos but rode for a the first half and a bit of the third quarter then had supper when Sal got home. So when the scale came to rest on 233 (or 7 pounds less than the last time I checked about 3 weeks ago) I have to say I did not trust it. I checked it was zeroing, flipped it over looking for anything that might be causing it to lie, to get me pumped up for nothing. I got back on and it was still the same. I'm going to stop in at Dr. Holtby's to check with a true scale but for the time being, yeehaw!

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I thought it was a pretty sloppy first half but the second half was actually good. The Cards had the game in hand and just couldn't hold on. Bruce and the E-Street band put on a lievly show, surprised 'Born in the USA' never made the list though. The biggest disappointment was watching the Canadian cut-in commercials. You'd think for the biggest day in tv advertising they could seel enough ads so that we wouldn't have to see the same 6 over and over again. The 'mericans get the best ads of the year and we get re-runs. 

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