Well Deserved Send Off

The gang at the Kakabeka club threw a great surprise party for Sal on Tuesday. I only found out at lunch and had to fib my way out as she thought she was going in to work, she had no idea.  About 40 people braved the blizzard to attend. We couldn't go more than 50kmph on the way home as the wind was whipping up the snow and finding the road was tough.

I spent my day off yesterday hanging at Petrie's, most of the morning cleaning 'Atikokan orange' mud off of a mountain bike and tuning it up. In the afternoon I made my first (nearly) solo repair to a customer's well aged bike. It had no functioning brakes and was caked in road salt. He wanted brakes and had to have his mode of transportation back in an hour. While he went to a doctor's apointment I pulled off the old calipers and cables and put on new ones. It's hard to get a good brake when the rim is as crooked as Bernie Madoff but he had 100% more stopping power than when he arrived, we even lubed the chain. Something that hadn't been done in years.

The weather looks like it is finally going to break, again. I think I can safely say I've gone through the entire winter without a cold. In recent years I'd get one and be barking for 6 weeks. The secret is to take your germs out for a nice walk in -30 temps and freeze them out.

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