First Commute

It was great this morning and a bit sloppy after work but what the heck, it wasn't snowing. Getting the km's in is just more do-able outside. Riding after supper kills the evening, not to mention the butt.

An award winner from NAHBS, the Ellis Cycles 953 Road Frame, selected as Best Lugged Bike. Lugs are the polished stainless steel pieces you see joining sections of tubing, the traditional way to assemble a frame. (thanks for the correction Doug)


Doug said...

Beautiful frame isn't it? By the way, those aren't "chrome pieces", they are polished stainless steel. Shines like chrome, but will never rust.

Ron Kresack said...

thanks Doug, you are very lucky to have one of Dave's creations. How is the build going?

Doug said...

Hope to order the remaining parts this weekend. No hurry since I'm still not back on a bike. My physical therapy should be ending in about 2 weeks. I hope to get back on the bike this month. The Ellis won't see the sunlight until all the sand and salt is mostly gone from the roads.