A Season to Remember

Hockey ended for the 96 kids of the Northwood league on Saturday and as relieved as I am to see it end for another season it is always a day with mixed emotions. Both games with hardware on the line ended with goals in the last shift breaking ties. For every kid out on the ice pointing a single finger to the ceiling of the old barn these is another crying over the loss. It is tough to watch. I secretly have my favourites but I can't let anyone know. Normally I'm pulling for the underdogs, especially when I put the teams together. This season the team that was last all year long in the regular season finished with the Best of the Rest knocking out the 2nd place team with a 1-0 decision. The kid that got the winning goal led the league in assists and for once took the shot instead of passing so I was thrilled for him and his team of overachievers. The championship saw the 3rd and 4th place teams battle it out to a 3-2 final. No real favourite in this one as they were both underdogs to even make it to the game. In this one I was just hoping the game would be decided by the kids and not by a bad call or even one that could provide an excuse. Since you're going to lose little battles every day in life, it's not a bad thing to learn how to do it and then pick yourself up and try again. 

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