Another Day in Paradise (Jamaica Day3)

Sunday dawned overcast, warm and windy. The beach looked more like I like it with the surf pounding the sand. It had rained overnight quite a bit according to some of the early morning gym crowd, I never heard a thing. Mike, AJ, Brad, Mark and I played some tennis and then all the guys played some beach soccer later in the afternoon. We checked out the entertainment and it was pretty good. They had a name that tune kind of contest and Mel's brother Brad ended up winning. The huge crowd was split between the loud Canadian contingent and another for the US with a few Europeans mixed in. They also had a Miss Riu contest were 4 audience members had to do some embarassing skits. And the big prize for that one was a trip to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. Brad picked up a t-shirt and bottle of Viagra (Appleton Rum) for his efforts. 

We think it was some time during the show that Mel's grandmother had the cash and her room keys taken from her purse and her safe robbed. The resort did very little about it and it put everybody on edge. She found out a few days later thet even though her Visa was left the thieves had used her number to buy gas, how I don't know. I ended up carrying our cash and safe key with me everywhere, it even went for a brief swim. 

Pictures from this day were minimal so I think it's time to put up a wedding picture since I guess that's what everyone wants to see.  

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