Bits and Pieces

Happy Birthday Sal!

Sal and I headed for Grand Marais Sunday afternoon. We had a nice lunch at the Blue Water and then began a stroll around the shops. 'Around' them is all we got to do as most of them were closed. We had a nice relaxing day anyway, came home for supper and watched a movie. 

Over the weekend I have not put on many miles as we were busy Sunay and Saturday was a bit on the cool side, along with high wind and bouts of snow. So I spent some time working on the girls in the basement. Jill got a tape job on the bars and has her original bar-ends back. Molly had her chain shortened and the crank is now on a manageable gear. Eyowen claimed the On-One Mary bars back from Bridget. Bridget remains locked up as I decide what to do with her. She might get sold, traded in or who knows. I just haven't had the urge to take her out yet.

My nomination for the Local Hockey hero fell short as Cosimo Filane was selected. He has been involved far longer than I and was part of the team that developed minor hockey in Schreiber. Hats off to him.

I'm really enjoying searching Google Earth for spots Brian has been posting and finding some for him and any one else interested. Friday night I spent more than an hour over France. I love the way the old European cities are laid out from central spots and the patterns of hte farmland.  

If you get a chance take in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a strange but very entertaining movie. 

The riders in the Giro d'Italia (Italian grand tour race similar to the tour de France) went on a literal work slowdown to protest the unsafe course. As one rider remained in hospital after a spill over a guardrail and 250 foot tumble, the rest of the peloton cruised along at half speed to voice their concern over their own safety. On the day the rider was injured one racer was clocked at 73mph on a descent. 

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