Good Long Ride

I finally got in a good long ride this morning, heading out at 8:30 into a nice stiff headwind. Jill's computer has given me nothing but headaches lately so off it came and Bridget's was quickly installed, reprogrammed and ready to go. I had planned on about 2 hours or 40km but once I got going I just kept on chugging along into the wind. I ended up up at the corner of Barrie Drive and highway 588, about 3 km west of Stanley, just over 40km from home. The wind on my back felt great as I zipped down Barrie Drive heading back home. Sal called and to my surprise my phone worked out there. She was going for lunch so I had no reason to hurry home. I came in on 130 and carried on up to Oliver Road and then home. 78 km for the morning. I was tired but felt good.


Anonymous said...

That was a little tougher, my first impression was the particle accelerator in Geneva but that's all underground. So I guess this must be it, looks similar to the Nardo, Italy track from a distance.

Milford General Motors

This first true proving ground was built in 1924 in rural Michigan outside Milford about halfway between Detroit and Flint. Its distinctive circular track measures about 4½ miles around and the whole site covers more than 4,000 acres. Each year, test cars burn more than 2.5 million gallons of gasoline while driving more than 15 million miles.

17T 279625mE 4719453mN

Brian :)

Ron Kresack said...

right again, wow