Can't Do It?

This afternoon I finally decided to clean up Bridget (Marin Bolinas Ridge -hardtail mountain bike) and bring her to Petrie's to possibly sell or trade in. She hasn't been out of the basement all year so I thought why not get something I can use. I spent the better part of an hour pulling her apart and taking off mud and grease. When I hopped on for a trip to the video store and then to see Farzum I did not have the mind-changing ride I thought I might have. She seems so big in relation to my other bikes, the frame is in fact a bit too big. The problem is how do you get rid of a bike that you have named? The ride home just may have changed my mind. I still want to spend a weekend at Sleeping Giant riding the trails, sleeping in a tent, cooking over a campfire and none of the other girls are going to fit that plan. From now on, no more names on the frames.

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bwkre said...

You'll have to call your brother