4 Sprinklers, NO Waiting

On Saturday Sal, Ginko and I headed to camp for the day. I rode out on Bridget at 8:07 under clear skies and a bit of a chill in the air. I headed out through Westfort and then decided on the Rosslyn Road/130 stretch to get to 61. I hit the gravel of Sturgeon Bay Road at about 9:55 and arrived in 2 hours and 27 minutes including a 5 minute delay for a train and a few stops to smack the computer. Got to get a gps!
Sal and Ginko arrived about an hour later. We practiced some hitting, played bocce and Ginko ran around under 4 sprinklers pumping water onto the front lawn. We had lunch and Sal made supper, I stirred the wild rice, don't ridicule me I'm only the shoe chef! It was a beautiful day and everyone was whipped by the end.


David said...

That's kind of funny - I was out at Sturgeon Bay late Saturday afternoon and evening. Yet when I suggested we ride our bikes out there, I got shot down.

Ron Kresack said...

If you want to give it a go sometime just let me know. There or anywhere actually.