Friday Rambling

Walked over to the library as the last book I picked up had me snoozing in a couple of pages. It was an attempt to explain Stonehenge. I grabbed a National Geographic video on the same subject and even that was good for a nap. The mysterious rocks weren't dropped by aliens, just stoneage man making a house for his gods. Quite an engineering accomplishment but no where near as exciting.

I found a nice addition to windows that can minimize your windows and keep them visible but smaller. Just drag them to the edge of the screen and the scale themselves. Scalable Fabric is a free download from the good folks at Microsoft (How often do you see those words in the same sentence?), give it a look if minimizing windows confuses you. 

I finally got the developer version of the Google Chrome browser running and got back the ability to run user scripts. They allow modifications to Gmail and other parts of the browser which are very useful. I had them running under firefox and missed some of them.

The weekend sees the last of evaluation for Northwood players. This has been a tough year for getting things finalized. A shortage of ice, kids not wanting to be moved from group to group and an older coach who doesn't have the drive to fit in anymore still hanging around and a shortage of goalies are making life interesting.

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