Halloween Live Blog

With the weather and the illness it looks like a slow night for Trick or Treaters. Ginko is down with the flu.
6:00pm - 3 kids so far
6:15pm - 5 more
6:30pm - wow 9
6:45pm - 6 in a spurt
7:00pm - 8, wind is down, had time to make coffee
7:15pm - another 9
7:30pm - 5, gonna be looking at tootsie rolls and doritos for ever
7:45pm - 8 again, Habs are dressed up for the occasion
8:00pm - omg 13, finally broke 10 in 15 min., big ones are out now
8:15pm - 0, I guess it's over
8:30pm - 6 more and I'm closing up shop
72 kids in total

Best costume, I was going to say Leafs as an NHL hockey team or  Toskala as a goalie but I have to give it to the young guys dressed in the old sky blue Hockey Night In Canada blazers. Habs do look ridiculous in the jailbreak unis though, and they have a maple leaf on them?

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