Day 2-09

Coffee and toast. Cheese, bread, granola bar and water. Pasta, bread and water. 13 km on Bridget.

I picked up 2 gigs of ram for the Dell today only to find that the 4 slots were filled with 1/2 gig boards so my net gain was only 1 gig. Instead of installing 2x1 gig boards at the factory they cheaped out and used  4x1/2 boards so upgrading means replacing all instead of just adding two. Confused? So was the Dell tech. Their website leads you to believe that you will end up with the max memory that XP can handle. Took a quick flight in the Tailwind over Vancouver and the performance increase with even half of the ram I thought I was getting is visible.

The 10 year-old girl that was killed on Sunday in the ATV accident is one of our Northwood players. Can't imagine how the parents are handling that.

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